Become a Corporate Partner

Why do we want you as a Corporate Partner?

Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford is fortunate to have some of the most significant partners in the Greater Hartford Area. Being a partner means investing in tomorrow’s leaders and workforce.

We believe that “Corporate Partnership” go beyond the dollar and that our partners provide valuable resources and knowledge that can be shared with our members, staff and Clubs.

ENGAGEMENT with our Clubs means hosting your employees through volunteerism and working with your team to enhance or create programs that target mutually beneficial outcomes.

INVESTING to our Clubs means your community giving objectives are aligned with your organization and team’s priorities through annual events sponsorships, grant funding for program support, employee grants and hosting your own fundraiser to build a sense of camaraderie.

 IN KIND support is a great way to boost your team’s morale through supply drives, providing invaluable expertise and offering services to our Clubs and staff, boosting team morale.

BRANDING opportunities offer your organization marketing and public relations benefits, at no cost, that provides the community insight into your values and brand.

MATCHING and giving campaigns help your employee’s contributions to our Clubs help maximize the gift while encouraging employees to connect with a cause that is meaningful to them.

By offering an array of opportunities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford can meet your giving objectives while carefully crafting a partnership that works for you.

Why We Welcome Your Support

Young people in and around Hartford come to our Clubs to have a safe place to go, surrounded by caring adults.  In Hartford, our youth face many challenges, such as elevated rates of food insecurity, teens leaving school before they graduate, and a lack of resources or role models they need to chart a better path. Corporate partners like you have the power to change the lives of our kids and impact the future of our city. Your investment will help build an educated workforce, a healthy and active community, and a city full of young leaders.

Please contact Jessica Dolan, Director of Corporate Engagement, to schedule a meeting today at