Youth for Unity

Our Youth for Unity program consists of a comprehensive, broad-based set of activities and conversation starters for youth ages 6-18 years. It helps members appreciate themselves as unique and special individuals; understand our society’s diversity; recognize bias and unfairness, and take personal leadership in confronting bias.

Youth for Unity was created to promote three primary youth outcomes:

1. Cultivate Individuality: Youth learn to value their individuality, which is the unique combination of qualities that makes them who they are.

2. Build Cultural Identity: Club members respect the beliefs, traditions and values of the culture they belong to.

3. Appreciate Diversity: Young people learn about diverse cultures and groups and begin to appreciate the richness and depth that diversity brings to our society.

We live in a diverse world. It is important to help young people act with respect and in ways that promote equity and inclusion for all people. Young people may need help learning to act in these ways toward people whose race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, age, physical ability, mental ability, gender, class, appearance, or culture different from their own. Youth benefit from broadening their worldview by building meaningful relationships with adults and peers, engaging in service-learning opportunities, high-yield activities, and conversations that help them recognize the experiences and traditions of others.