Cultural Competence Program

CULTURAL COMPETENCE PROGRAM is promoted throughout all programs and aspects of the Boys & Girls Clubs. At our Clubs, we have been a beacon of hope and advocate for youth. Our Clubs and programs reside in neighborhoods that are primarily minority and low income. We are designed to level the playing field for underserved youth. The disparities in schools, policing, and arrests are typically disproportionately high, requiring us to teach youth how to thrive despite the obstacles. To highlight positive action related to the Black Lives Matter movement and the overall understanding of African American historical significance to America, we will be embarking on a multi-pronged approach to teaching youth to be active in social justice. While we offer a framework of key areas and ideas for engagement, our members will take the lead on choosing ways to engage, so this list or even the categories are subject to change.

• Historical movies & discussion
• Mock elections
• Debate Club

• Youth planned & led Town Halls
• Disparities Summit
• Committee Engagement: NRZ, NAACP
• Organized Rallies
• YouTube Chanel News Club

ART: teaching others through art
• Murals
• Spoken Word
• Play
• Song

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Understanding how the branches of government work
• Calling local officials to change community-based on youth research
• Letter writing campaigns
• Voter registration drive
• Census registration drive
• Panels with local officials