Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Boys & Girls Clubs Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs are removing barriers to creating opportunity and advancement. We can continue to move towards racial equity by shaping a robust dialogue among Club leaders, staff, board, volunteers, and young people. These specialized initiatives provide Club staff with training and resources to ensure young people who are frequently marginalized or overlooked can be included and supported at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford.


YOUTH FOR UNITY engages members and parents in activities that promote diversity and combat prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. As our nation becomes increasingly diverse, young people need the knowledge and skills to thrive in a globally connected society and world. Youth for Unity consists of a comprehensive, broad-based set of programmatic interventions that build the capacity to help our Club members appreciate themselves as unique and special individuals, understand our society’s diversity, recognize bias and unfairness, and take personal leadership in confronting discrimination.

LGBTQ Initiative is to increase the Clubs capacity to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment for youth, teens, staff and families of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions. We hope to create a shared understanding gender and sexuality; introduce inclusive language; and highlight practices that increase social and emotional safety not
only for our LGBTQ youth, but for all young people.

BE THERE is a comprehensive approach to helping youth build supportive relationships and integrate best practices. We not only want to help our youth process through their grief, but we also want to include resilience development as part of the long-term approach in preparing them to reach their full potential. BGCH provides training, resources, and strategies to
help staff meet youth, families, and community needs.

DISABILITY INCLUSION BGCH is dedicated to creating safe, positive, and inclusive environments for all youth. We support youth with disabilities and can benefit from inclusion and improve the overall Club experience for ALL youth.

CULTURAL & INCLUSIVE EVENTS BGCH is committed to providing training for Youth Development Professionals to support an inclusive and culturally responsive environment when interacting with youth and their families. Today, systemic gaps present an opportunity for us to collectively create equity and equality for everyone, particularly for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. Together, on Our Journey to Racial Equity, BGCH is doubling down on advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to create a Club culture of belonging to achieve our mission. We at BGCH as an ecosystem designed to support equity explicitly, where staff and youth are free from explicit and implicit bias, prejudice, and discrimination.